TELEHEALTH - 2023 Updates (1 hr session) - Live Recording - on USB or DVD w/materials

2023 :  Telehealth - 2023 Updates  - Live Recording on USB or DVD - by Terry Fletcher, CPC

Coding & Reimbursement Solutions

We provide answers:
* Post PHE

* (The Public Health Emergency ended 5.11.2023)

* Who can provide Telehealth Services? Is there a limit to what they can provide?

* What is the documentation expectation of a Telehealth visit?

* And much much more!


* If you choose DVD or USB options - they'll ship out within 72hrs of original order.  If you choose On Demand viewing, your video link to our McVey Seminars Youtube channel w/ pdf of materials will be emailed within 24hrs

 (Our brochures require Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download it here.)

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