About Us

About Us

McVey Seminars is unique in healthcare as we employ experienced billing and coding people, who are now independent consultants. They present subjects from their own experience and perspective rather than "canned" material. Most of our presenters have been with us for 25 to 30+ years. As such, our seminars are up-to-date and above the competition in the content and quality of material presented. All seminars include the most current ICD-10, HCPCS and CPT coding instruction. Please browse our website and feel free to call with any questions.

McVey Seminars has been providing health care business education for over 38 years. Currently, we are producing one-day, two-day seminars & Live Webinars/Teleconferences, on-site training/consultations throughout the United States. We primarily provide information on insurance coding, billing and reimbursement by medical specialty. Ancillary products produced and sold include recordings of the live seminars, reference books, and a Code Fax service for people wanting specific questions answered.

There are currently 8 highly-qualified consultants who provide the bulk of the informational services. You can review their short bios here.

Seventy-two percent (72%) of our attendees are from previous customer offices. We feel this speaks well of the on-going informational service provided over the past 37+ years.

About our quality

Thirty-Seven + years of experience concludes there is no one authority on accurate and correct coding of medical services. Don't be inaccurate, don't over-bill, follow bundling guidelines for all the various insurers, and if the doctors did not document the service, it was not performed! Ideal instruction, but how can one know they are correct when they are being audited by a "higher authority like CMS?" The "real world" has no absolute answer. As in any "legal" question or financial challenge, one must defend, challenge and protect.

McVey Seminars instructors give the most accurate information at any given time, from their experience, and in line with governmental and private carrier norms. When that information is utilized by a staff member in a doctor's office, it necessarily remains a "business risk decision" by the doctor. A clerical mistake could be made, a misplaced use of a coding suggestion in an inappropriate situation, a carrier's staff may disagree, or a governmental agency might challenge the "intent" with resulting penalties. This is necessarily part of the healthcare business in this country.

We feel strongly that there are few doctor advocates for rightful reimbursement in this nation. As one of those few advocates, we invite your participation. Our positive results are proven over 37 years and 54,000 graduate offices. We remain committed to rightful and best reimbursement outcomes for physicians.

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McVey Seminars

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