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McVey Seminars offers you the opportunity to have your specific coding questions answered by our seminar leaders. Click here to find out more.

Consulting/Training (On-site or via Phone) contact: Laura Petersen @ 1-800-227-7888

We are proud to offer experienced practice managers, who are now independent consultants, to train and consult on subjects from their work experience and perspective rather than ”canned“ material. As such, our consulting / training is up-to-date and the highest of content and quality. We consult and train by specialty. The time is customized to your specific practice requirements. We produce over 500 public seminars annually and that brings a unique perspective to the chosen consultant. They bring up-to-date solutions from and for your specific specialty.

Defensive measures such as accurate physician documentation, coordinated billing of diagnoses & procedures, asking for review, being prepared for Medicare audits, etc. are even more important in light of CMS's policy implementation with medicine and specialties. When we add the massive Physician Payment Reforms from Medicare, truncated ICD-10-CM rejections, the Correct Coding Policy, the latest year's CPT coding, ICD-10s and the confusing requirements for E&M Services documentation ... the change is large.

General Topics Covered:

  • Insurance processing
  • Billing and coding ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS and E & M services ...
  • Specialized training for Physicians
  • Documentation for maximum insurance processing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Collection procedures
  • Medicare compliance
  • Defensive measures to handle and prevent audits
  • Correct & accurate billing for rightful reimbursements

For more information about seminars, on-site training or consulting call us as 800-227-7888.